Thursday, October 29, 2015

Business Card Studio 4.0

Product Description
Business Card Studio is the easiest way to create & print professional business cards! It's never been easier to create professional looking cards and have them printed with our unmatched export options.

Pdf Create 8

Product Description
PDF Create 8 is the smart choice for creating 100% industry-standard PDF files from any PC application, making it simple to share or archive documents using the PDF format. It turns files into secure PDFs up to three times faster than any other PDF software with results that are universally viewable from virtually any PDF viewer.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

Product Description
Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 will make them look great with quick edits, artistic touches and fun transformations. Create beautiful scrapbook pages and cards, and share to favorite social sites. And find any photo, fast.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fashion Design 1

Product Description
We create creators. Youth Digital's mission is to teach kids how to create with technology so they can learn to code, design, illustrate, animate, program and develop. We are a cutting-edge tech-education company that empowers kids by teaching them the essential technology skills that they'll need to be successful in the digital world.

Mod Design 1

Product Description
Mod Design 1 for Minecraft is a unique opportunity for young students to learn Java in an exciting way. They will not only come away with an impressive project to share with their friends, but also with a foundational knowledge of object-oriented programming.